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Influencer marketing is really in right now.

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More than half of 18-24 year olds have social media as their first contact each day on smartphones with averagae time spent 147 minutes.

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49% of internet users are likely to purchase products advertised on social media and 28% found new products through endorsements.

94% of marketers agreed that influencer marketing is the most effective marketing strategy with 11x higher ROI generated than other methods.

(MarketingDive, 2016)

Why choose influencers?

Other than because they're very in right now!

Kou creates brand credibility

Creates brand credibility

By winning trusts to customers, hence increase brand value!

Kou increase brand traffic

Increase brand traffic

Especially to brands' social media and website

Kou boost sales

Boost sales

More people talk about it, the more it will be recognized!

Kou more relevant leads

More relevant leads

With tailor-made audiences from their specific niche

Kou does not feel like an ad

Does not feel like an ad!

Feels more like sharing new information from people you trust

What makes us different?

This is what KOU can offer for you.

Kou open to all creators

Open to all creators!

Including pets, 2D, from all genders and ages!

Kou support many social media platforms

Support many social media platforms

from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter

Kou well-managed in house talents

Well-managed in house talents

so you can find the right one you need

Here are our talents.

Available on your favorite platforms.

Brands that have worked with us.

Kou Brand LorealKou Brand Group MKou Brand AzarineKou Brand CarasunKou Brand Howl KitchenKou Brand Poro NakaKou Brand BesaratiKou Brand CampinaKou Brand C ChannelKou Brand Sate Babi BentengKou Brand Maroomi Studio
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