About Kou Kou Team

About and History

KOU acts as an intermediary between brands and creators, enabling brands to advertise via word-of-mouth through social media and other various media platforms.

What do we stand for?

Our vision

Utilize the power of social media to help brands reach out to the world.

Our missions

  • To connect all brands with creators and be able to help our customers to reach their desirable audience
  • Give efficiency to brands to create their brand awareness
  • Provide more exposure to our in-house creators

Brands that have worked with us.

Kou Brand LorealKou Brand Group MKou Brand AzarineKou Brand CarasunKou Brand Howl KitchenKou Brand Poro NakaKou Brand BesaratiKou Brand CampinaKou Brand C ChannelKou Brand Sate Babi BentengKou Brand Maroomi Studio

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